Creative Ways to Build Credit Card Rewards Points Quickly…

Taking real advantage of your credit card rewards points really depends on how quickly you can rack them up. There are ways that you can easily start to build those points and start earning on your purchases. The first thing you want to do is get very familiar with your card’s rewards program. The literature that your card comes with can be a little daunting to read (all that fine print) but most cards have easy reference material online that can clue you into the best way to use the card to get the most benefit. Here are some tips that will work out well with most credit cards that offer rewards points.

Tip # 1 Traveling

Use your card whenever you travel to buy plane tickets, rent cars, and hotel stays. Those points will add up quickly if you only use your credit card while traveling and you may be lucky enough to have a credit card that also earns you discounts from airlines, hotels and rental car places! Always ask when you are making your reservations if the company offers a discount for using a particular card.

Tip # 2 Vacations

Book your resorts, flights and other vacation-related travel using your card and you can quickly earn some points AND you may even find that your credit card has some traveler’s insurance benefits as well. Call your card company and ask!

Tip # 3 Groceries

More and more cards are offering cash back and other incentives including points for using your credit card at the grocery store. Buying everyday things using your credit card and making it a habit can help you to earn rewards faster!

Tip # 4 Gas

Many rewards cards are offering cash back, points and even discounts at the pump for using their card. Use your card every time you fill up can really help you to earn some serious points and rewards fast!

Tip # 5 Department Stores

Sometimes all you have to do to ramp up your points and rewards is to take your credit card and use it at your favorite department store.

Tip # 6 Balance Transfers

Balance transfers are a great way to get additional points and to reduce your overall interest payments. Typically, when you transfer your balance you get a greatly reduced interest rate so you earn additional points and you get additional points!

Tip # 7 Everyday Expenses

Use your card every day, every time you have to spend money!

Tip # 8 Using the Right Card at the Right Location

Know your card! Using the right card at the right location can pay off which is why it is so important to know your card!