$47,Acrylic,Compatible,S,creditcareprogram.com,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tab,Samsung,Galaxy,/aquafortist839572.html,Secur,10.5,TABcare,Black TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab Black 10.5 Some reservation Acrylic Secur S $47 TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Black Acrylic Secur Electronics Computers Accessories $47,Acrylic,Compatible,S,creditcareprogram.com,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tab,Samsung,Galaxy,/aquafortist839572.html,Secur,10.5,TABcare,Black $47 TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Black Acrylic Secur Electronics Computers Accessories TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab Black 10.5 Some reservation Acrylic Secur S

TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy All items in the store Tab Black 10.5 Some reservation Acrylic Secur S

TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Black Acrylic Secur


TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Black Acrylic Secur

Product description

Now you can decorate your store by transferring the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 into a compact Kiosk System with fully touchscreen functions! You can also use it as a Tablet POS(Point Of Sale) stand.


* The Tablet is NOT included!

* Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

* Compatible with Square credit card slider

* VESA Kit Dimension : 200mm (Height) x 30mm (Depth) x 285mm (Width)

* Compatible VESA 100x100 mm Standard

* Weight : 1.2 lb

* Material : enclosure - Acrylic 8mm thickness; wall mount kit - stainless steel

* Color : Black (we also have transparent in stock, custom color available by special order)

* Easy Access to all Buttons and I/O ports

* Support Landscape and Portrait Display

* Come with Security screws and screwdriver


One Black VESA enclosure

10 Security screws with one screwdriver

1 wall mount kit

TABcare Compatible Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Black Acrylic Secur

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