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Lexar PLAY Max 78% OFF 512GB microSDXC 70% OFF Outlet UHS-I-Card Up Compa s To 150MB Read

Lexar PLAY 512GB microSDXC UHS-I-Card, Up To 150MB/s Read, Compa


Lexar PLAY 512GB microSDXC UHS-I-Card, Up To 150MB/s Read, Compa

Product description


Lexar PLAY microSDXC UHS-I cards are designed to keep up with all your content, no matter if they are games, video, movies, music or books. Avoid slow load times with read speeds of up to 150MB/s and fast A1 or A2-rated performance, so you can play more of what you love without missing a beat. Store more with large capacities up to 1TB you can save all your favorite multimedia files. With this card you can capture, playback, and transfer a large amount of the high quality 1080p Full-HD video. Ideal for portable gaming devices, smartphones, and tablets.

From the manufacturer

633x microSD 1066x microSD PLAY microSD
633x microSD UHS-I Card w/ Adapter 1066x microSD UHS-I Card w/ Adapter PLAY microSD UHS-I Card
Ideal For Mainstream photo/video enthusiasts; smartphones, tablets, action cams, drones users Advanced/professional photo/video enthusiasts; smartphones, tablets, action cams, drones users Users looking for large storage for media, entertainment content
Read Speed (Up To) 100MB/s 160MB/s 150MB/s
Write Speed (Up To) 45MBs (64GB ‒ 256GB), 70MB/s (512GB) 70MBs (64GB), 120MB/s (128GB ‒ 512GB) N/A
Interface UHS-I UHS-I UHS-I
Speed Class C10, U1/U3, V10/V30, (depending on capacity) C10, U3, V30 C10, U1, V10 (128GB) / C10, U3, V30 (25GB ‒ 1TB)
Video Recording Full HD, 4K UHD (4K for 64GB and above) Full HD, 4K UHD Full HD
App Rating A1 (32GB ‒ 256GB), A2 (512GB) A2 A1 (128GB ‒ 256GB), A2 (512GB ‒ 1TB)
Compatible With Smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, action cameras Action cameras, drones, or high-end smartphones and tablets Nintendo Switch, smartphone, tablet and portable gaming devices
Available Capacities 32GB ‒ 512GB 64GB ‒ 512GB 128GB ‒ 1TB

Lexar PLAY 512GB microSDXC UHS-I-Card, Up To 150MB/s Read, Compa

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