6 Pack - Red Toobaloo Year-end gift Auditory Accelerate Rea Phone – Feedback 6 Pack - Red Toobaloo Year-end gift Auditory Accelerate Rea Phone – Feedback $26 (6 Pack - Red) Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone – Accelerate Rea Toys Games Kids' Electronics $26 (6 Pack - Red) Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone – Accelerate Rea Toys Games Kids' Electronics Toys Games , Kids' Electronics,Toobaloo,Pack,creditcareprogram.com,Auditory,$26,(6,Red),Accelerate,–,Rea,Phone,Feedback,-,/diacodion316439.html Toys Games , Kids' Electronics,Toobaloo,Pack,creditcareprogram.com,Auditory,$26,(6,Red),Accelerate,–,Rea,Phone,Feedback,-,/diacodion316439.html

Now on sale 6 Pack - Red Toobaloo Year-end gift Auditory Accelerate Rea Phone – Feedback

(6 Pack - Red) Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone – Accelerate Rea


(6 Pack - Red) Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone – Accelerate Rea


Product Description

Ease reading, speech, comprehension and pronunciation challenges with the Toobaloo. Created by a teacher, the Toobaloo is an educational tool designed to provide auditory feedback which helps children learn to read, increase fluency and comprehension and meet special needs such as autism, APD, stuttering and dyslexia.

By speaking into the Toobaloo, children hear themselves (auditory feedback) and can make adjustments to fluency, pronunciation and even increase comprehension. Children with special needs such as autism, auditory procession disorder, stuttering and dyslexia see remarkable benefits from the auditory feedback process of listening to themselves read aloud.

Who uses the Toobaloo?

  • 4 years old to adults
  • Classroom teachers
  • Reading teachers
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Special Education teachers
  • Music teachers
  • Foreign Language teachers
  • Parents
  • Children with Autism, APD, Dyslexia
  • Crystal Clear Auditory Feedback
  • Self Monitored Reading Rate, Phrasing and Expression (sound, duration, pitch and stress)
  • Build Confidence in Reading and Comprehension
  • Improve Self-Esteem for All Levels of Readers
  • Increase Reading Fluency and Comprehension
  • Fun Motivation to Read
  • Opportunities to Read Aloud Daily in the Classroom without Disrupting Others

What Is Auditory Feedback?

Auditory Feedback is the task of hearing the sound of one's own voice while speaking, which enables adjustments in pronunciation, clarity and the rhythm of speech. Auditory Feedback is used in speech, language, auditory processing and reading therapy programs.

How Does the Auditory System Work?

The auditory system is comprised of three components; the outer, middle, and inner ear, all of which work together to transfer sounds from the environment to the brain.

The Outer Ear includes the portion of the ear that we see and the ear canal.

The Middle Ear is composed of the eardrum and the cavity, which houses the ossicular chain (the connection from the middle ear to the inner ear).

The Inner Ear is composed of the sensory organ for hearing—the cochlea.

In the human ear, a sound wave is transmitted through four separate mediums along the auditory system before a sound is perceived: in the outer ear—air, in the middle ear— mechanical, in the inner ear liquid and to the brain—neural.

Why is Auditory Feedback Important?

The Auditory Feedback Loop is basically the process of saying what you hear and hearing what you say. When there is something that breaks down in that loop several learning activities become compromised. Things like concentration, reading and speech are at risk for full development. In addition, the child with a compromised Auditory Feedback Loop can have low self-esteem and confidence as well as heightened anxiety.

The Toobaloo has been designed to provide crystal clear Auditory Feedback, helping to support and enhance the Auditory Feedback Loop. Even children without a breakdown in their system can benefit from enhanced Auditory Feedback. Hearing their own pronunciation, pace and fluctuation while speaking or reading allow children to adjust and correct what they hear and say.

By supporting the Auditory Feedback Loop the Toobaloo can increase reading and speech:




Why Us?

Whether you are a parent, teacher or specialist, you will soon discover that our unique educational tools can help any child read and speak better, and have fun at the same time.

They’re safe

Our products have a simple design and are free of the potential safety hazards of DIY counterparts made from PVC and other materials. They’re certified safe and comply with the U.S. CPSIA 2008 ruling on lead and phthalates content.

Why Our Company?

We manufacture our educational tools here in the USA. We work closely with each of these facilities to ensure that our products are made with high quality-control standards for our customers and the children they work with.

(6 Pack - Red) Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone – Accelerate Rea

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