to,Female,Fielect,1/8,Male,TRS,Gender,XLR,Changer,Inches,Adapter,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,,$4,/diacodion827039.html $4 Fielect XLR Female to 1/8 Inches Male TRS Adapter Gender Changer Electronics Accessories Supplies Fielect XLR Female to 1 8 Gender Inches TRS Male Changer New products, world's highest quality popular! Adapter Fielect XLR Female to 1 8 Gender Inches TRS Male Changer New products, world's highest quality popular! Adapter to,Female,Fielect,1/8,Male,TRS,Gender,XLR,Changer,Inches,Adapter,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,,$4,/diacodion827039.html $4 Fielect XLR Female to 1/8 Inches Male TRS Adapter Gender Changer Electronics Accessories Supplies

Fielect XLR Female shopping to 1 8 Gender Inches TRS Male Changer New products world's highest quality popular Adapter

Fielect XLR Female to 1/8 Inches Male TRS Adapter Gender Changer


Fielect XLR Female to 1/8 Inches Male TRS Adapter Gender Changer

Product description

Color:LY-KNT039 Double Channels 1Pcs

One of those adapters that every audio geek needs to have in their toolbox.
XLR Adapters for Pro Audio use.Great for mixers,microphones,amplifiers,EQ,rack gear,keyboards,guitars,electric piano,electric drums etc.
The contact material of the product can minimize the loss of audio transmission signal,and the sound quality can achieve fidelity.

Fielect XLR Female to 1/8 Inches Male TRS Adapter Gender Changer

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