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Big Agnes Lost Dog (FireLine Eco)


Big Agnes Lost Dog (FireLine Eco)

Product Description

Big Agnes System bags with DownTek insulation offer a roomy, rectangle-shaped sleeping space with an integrated Flex Pad Sleeve on the bottom. With technical fabrics and construction, compressible insulation and tons of comfort features, these comfortable sleeping bags are designed to be lightweight enough for backpacking but cozy enough you'll want them in the campground too. The streamlined silhouette and Flow construction increase the thermal efficiency keeping you warm from head to toe. The Flex Pad Sleeve unites easily with your pad, and as you change positions over the course of the night, will keep you from rolling off your pad.

big agnes
big agnes
Big Agnes Big Agnes Big Agnes Big Agnes Big Agnes Big Agnes
Anvil Horn Daisy Mae Lost Dog Sunbeam King Solomon Cabin Creek
Design Gender Men's Women's Men's Women's 2 Person 2 Person
Model Temp Options 0, 15, 30, amp; 45 F 0 amp; 15 F 0, 15, 30, amp; 45 F 0, 15, amp; 30 F 15 F 15 F
Fill Type 650 fill Downtek 650 fill Downtek FireLine ECO Synthetic FireLine ECO Synthetic 650 fill Downtek FireLine ECO Synthetic
Bag Weight (15 F Regular Model) 2 lb, 8 oz 2 lb, 6 oz 3lb, 3 oz 3 lb, 5 oz 4 lb, 5 oz 4 lb, 10 oz
Compressed Size (15 F Regular Model) 5.5" x 7.5" 6" x 7.5" 8" x 9.5" 7.5" x 8.5" 7" x 8" 8" x 9.5"
Pad Sleep Type Flex Pad Sleeve Flex Pad Sleeve Flex Pad Sleeve Flex Pad Sleeve Flex Pad Sleeve Flex Pad Sleeve
Bag Size Options Regular, Long, amp; Wide Long Petite amp; Regular Regular, Long, amp; Wide Long Petite amp; Regular 2 Person 2 Person

Big Agnes Lost Dog (FireLine Eco)

About Us

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