$53 LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot (314 Piece) Toys Games Building Toys Toys Games , Building Toys,Nexo,Piece),Chariot,/hexadecahedroid839674.html,Chaos,(314,creditcareprogram.com,Beast,$53,Master's,Knights,LEGO $53 LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot (314 Piece) Toys Games Building Toys Toys Games , Building Toys,Nexo,Piece),Chariot,/hexadecahedroid839674.html,Chaos,(314,creditcareprogram.com,Beast,$53,Master's,Knights,LEGO LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's 314 Piece Chaos Chariot Lowest price challenge LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's 314 Piece Chaos Chariot Lowest price challenge

LEGO Nexo Knights High order Beast Master's 314 Piece Chaos Chariot Lowest price challenge

LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot (314 Piece)


LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot (314 Piece)

Product description

Product Description

Discover the tomboy princess who's more than ready for a fight with this striking play set, featuring the ferocious-but hilarious-Chaos Chariot with chomping giant Globlins. In the futuristic and off-beat LEGO NEXO KNIGHTSTM world, Macy must return the Book of Deception to the royal wizard's library and save the day!

Brand Story


From the manufacturer

Meet the characters in the set

Back off Beast Master! Jestro has sent out an evil army to capture spell books of dark magic scattered across the kingdom of Knighton. Macy must zoom ahead to the Book of Deception on the Hover Horse before it falls into the Beast Master’s hands! Watch out for the hungry giant Globlins and avoid falling into their jaws.

lego nexo knights macy


lego nexo knights macy

Macy - Battle Gear

lego nexo knights beast master

Beast Master

lego nexo knights beast master

Beast Master - Battle Gear

NEXO Powers included in the set

The knight summons the might of the red dragon and deals massive damage to a single enemy (5 claw attack).

lego nexo knights clapper claw shield

Clapper Claw - Shield

lego nexo knights clapper claw ability

Clapper Claw - Ability

lego nexo knights magnitize shield

Magnitize - Shield

Magnitize - Ability

LEGO Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot (314 Piece)

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