Why you want 0% APR on All of Your Lines of Credit!

Savings can come in all different forms but there is no better way than to NOT have to pay interest. Paying interest, depending on the rate, can really bump up your monthly payments, if you can avoid it you should. How can you get to that coveted 0% APR? That is the million-dollar question! APR (approved percentage rate) is another way of saying “the better your credit is the lower your rate will be”. In other words, if you have stellar credit, pay your bills on time and are responsible you should be able to get that 0% APR that can be life changing when it comes to paying your monthly bills. Of course having the right firm in your corner you can get the rates that you want on the credit lines that you need.

Why Stop at 0% APR?

0% APR is a great benefit but why not get all the benefits that make a line of credit more valuable. Not having to worry about how much the interest is going to cost is excellent but there are other things that you should also hold out for that can make a credit line so much more valuable like:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • Only pay back what you spend
  • Low affordable monthly payments of 1-2% of the balance

No Prepayment Penalties

You want a credit line that you can pay off early and not have to worry about being charged to do it! Prepayment penalties are a great way for the financial institutions to be sure that they get their money on 0% APR but it is not such a great deal for you!

Only Pay Back What You Spend

There are credit lines that allow you to take what you need and NOT have to pay fees if you do not use it! We can help you find the right credit line.

Low Affordable Monthly Payments

Credit lines are not helpful if they break your monthly budget.  Payments as low as 1-2% of the balance makes payments affordable.

Save Money

Why not get the money that you need and save money at the same time? 0% APR can help you save money and when you combine it with the other available benefits you can really save a great deal! We can help!