Start-Up Capital Is Available!

Finding the capital that you need to get your business off the ground can be difficult without the right support. Getting your startup off the ground can be as simple as having the right service on your side.  Trying to get the funding that you need for your startup on your own can be nearly impossible as a startup. There are so many things to consider and without the right guidance, you can make some critical mistakes.

We Can Help Fund Businesses from all Industries!

Unlike other funding assistance options, we do not focus on one particular type of startup. We can help with all industries. Some funding assistant options only offer support for tech companies or other specific types of businesses. We offer assistance with all industries!

Startup Capital for Business Can Be Obtained Through Our Unique Funding Paths!

We are able to provide our clients with unique funding opportunities that they may not have considered before. Sometimes it takes thinking outside of the box to get you the money that you need. We believe that every funding need has to be approached with a unique perspective. We are not a cookie cutter firm. We offer personalized services to best match you with a funding option.

One of the Most Powerful Utilities to Your Business is 0% Credit Lines

Credit lines that offer a 0% interest rate can be one of the most valuable tools you have for your business. They allow you to have the cash flow that you need to cover startup costs and beyond. Having a credit line that basically costs you nothing to use can be one of the most valuable funding sources for your business.  Lines of credit can offer you the ability to:

  • Payback only what you have spent
  • Make affordable monthly payments that are only 2% of the balance that you owe
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Revolving lines of credit that you can have frequently increased

Credit lines are a superior option if you need money for startup or other purposes but you need the amount to be flexible. Term loans do not afford you the flexibility of using only what you need and paying on that amount. When you take a term loan you immediately owe on the entire amount and your payments are based on the entire amount of the loan whether you use it all or not!

Talk to us about how you can get the funding you need!